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For most visits, 85% of the cost will be reimbursed by Medicare. (Note—contact lens fitting is only covered in certain circumstances which your optometrist can discuss with you, and some vision training and perceptual assessment may not be covered under Medicare.)

Bulk billing to Medicare is available for holders of current Pension and Health Care Cards. Gold Card holders are covered by Veterans Affairs

Medicare Easyclaim

Medicare Easyclaim is a new, fast and easy way to claim your Medicare rebate.
Medicare Easyclaim lets you claim your Medicare rebate on the spot after you’ve paid
your account. In most cases your money will be transferred into your cheque or savings account within minutes. Occasionally it may take longer depending on your bank. It is the same as a store refund being paid back into your bank account via EFTPOS.

Medicare Easyclaim:-

  • fast and easy payment of your rebate
  • no extra bank transaction fees
  • no need for you to visit a Medicare office
  • your rebate is paid directly into your savings or cheque account
  • available to all people aged 14yrs and upwards

Nothing changes for patients who are bulk billed.

Remember:- Rebates can only be paid into savings or cheque accounts.

Your privacy is protected when you use Medicare Easyclaim. All information sent via EFTPOS is encrypted and sent through a secure network. Financial institutions are not permitted to store or use any claiming information.

If you don’t want to use Medicare Easyclaim you can still go to your local Medicare
office or use any of the other claiming options that are available.

Remember to bring your Medicare card and EFTPOS card with you.