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Sports frames by Adidas eyewear offer an unobstructed view of clear objectives. They are developed for and together with athletes, whose visions are the power that drives Adidas. Supporting them is their task. Thus vision, protection, fit and durability are the central concepts that help you to keep sight of your personal vision. adidas eyewear – support your vision.



Bolle is one of the worlds largest and best known eyewear brands. Established in 1888 Bolle has crafted premium sunglasses, optical frames, ski goggles and safety eyewear from the finest frame and lens materials. As a sports lifestyle brand, Bolle eyewear delivers performance when you need it, and style when you want it.


Coco Song

An eyewear dynasty created in Italy, inspired by exotic Chinese culture. The exclusive Coco Song collection is a homage to the golden age of Chinese culture and art. Featuring real feathers and silk encased in the temples, every component of these frames are hand-made. Coco Song's vivid colours and original designs make every piece unique, with each fine detail meticulously chosen and blended together to create a richly fascinating eyewear collection.



Eyewear designer Yves Cogan has been distributing his designs in France and abroad since 1994. Each model, who's design is the result of careful research, is launched only when the product, the concept, the forms and the colours have reached their full potential. Thus, his creation proves a true alternative and a truly different choice on the market. Inspiration comes from architecture and furniture, applying “designer” lines to eyewear through the most advanced manufacturing techniques available today: laser welding, sophisticated folding machines, noble materials such as titanium or stainless steel.



Columbia Sportswear Company provides premium prescription eyewear for the extreme, and tame, active lifestyles. Columbia eyewear offers a complete range of sun and ophthalmic frames for men and women of various ages and sizes. Columbia eyewear meets the needs of a broad consumer range, paying special attention to functional detail and aggressive sport design.


David Lawrence

David Lawrence first appeared in 1978 and was the first apparel brand specifically introduced to satisfy the changing needs of the Australian career woman. David Lawrence eyewear is aimed at 30-50+ women with an ageless attitude. The eyewear mirrors the clothing in providing frames and sunglasses that are classic, yet timeless and contemporary.


Elizabeth Arden

The Elizabeth Arden name represents the best of all worlds...glamour, elegance and beauty combined with superior quality products and services. From the business of beauty, the next natural progression was eyewear. This exquisite collection enhances the many faces of the Elizabeth Arden woman. Designed with soft colours, feminine designs and details and the perfect fit – even in petites.



In 1972 the Jag brand was born. JAG eyewear reflects the essence of the clothing in that it is stylish, accessible and affordable in the latest season's colours – colours are always complimentary to the clothing.



The name Jaguar is synonymous for Style, Dynamic, Innovation and Luxury. In the spirit of these statements the ophthalmic frames of the Jaguar collection combine exceptional design with professional workmanship and stylish luxury. Intricate details, casually dynamic lens shapes and the latest colours make up the unmistakeable, yet trendy, Jaguar style.


Jo Baxter

Jo Baxter eyewear is made in France, Japan and Italy. The collection is a colourful, unique range of fashionable shapes and colours. The Jo Baxter range has over 30 models in a variety of bold colours, shapes and styles to suit every face.


Jono Hennessy

Jono's eyewear and drawings are held in the permanent design collection at The Powerhouse Museum, hailed as 'an excellent example of Australian design that combines high-quality materials and precision production with personal innovation'. The Jono Hennessy collection uses innovative new materials developed by Jono, with a selection of re-worked vintage frames from an archive of over 2000 models. Not only is the style original, the fit is exemplary, and you will look and feel fabulous.



The Koali collection draws on memories of lush vegetation and exotic insects, Koali has elaborated an exotic spectacle combining quality metal and plastic materials. As a combination of fluidity and organic strength, Koali takes its inspiration from the animal and plant world. Both complex and discreet, Koali frames match the contours of the face whilst enhancing its personality.



Lafont is a blue-chip in French glasses making, a guarantor to a quality and integrity that has never been cheapened. As a rare fashion brand that is not subject to fashion, each season Lafont demonstrates creativity whose new or revived items advance upon trends that will come later. Lafont is known for its colours, using over 200 different colours in their collections, new colours are created each season, with over 70% of the colours being exclusive to Lafont. The colours in the Lafont collections form the essence of what it is to be an individual.


Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness, famous for exquisite, witty handbags and accessories, launched her company in 1989 and instantly became a “must” in every fashion aficionado's international address book. The eyewear range mirrors Lulu's spirit and is reflected in a fun, whimsical, modern collection with a good dose of uniqueness and femininity. The collection comprises of a series of optical frames and sunglasses. Styles are chic and flirty, adorned with crystals, pearls and metal studs to appeal to women of all ages.


Maui Jim

Those who wear Maui Jim sunglasses cherish them. Each pair of sunglasses offer the fit, comfort, protection and style that you expect from a great pair of sunglasses, Maui Jim are simply the highest-quality sunglasses on the market today. Maui Jim sunglasses block all glare from every angle, manage blue light, and then boost colours for unmatched colour, clarity and contrast. Maui Jim sunglasses can also be made for your prescription, providing prescription sunglass wearers the best protection. See how Maui Jim sunglasses can bring your world to life.



The MORRISSEY brand elegantly embraces the modern Australian aesthetic, combining sleek designs and 'on-trend' colours and textures, with more than a hint of bold style...
A bold, confident collection...directional shapes...fashion details...each with a cool hint of acute style...MORRISSEY...'metro chic' for a new age.


Nina Ricci

The Nina Ricci eyewear collection resurrects the romance of this iconic French brand, with tastefully soft, feminine detail. With a captivating mix of youthful femininity and boldly-refined design, Nina Ricci Eyewear appeals to confident women who appreciate understated elegance, while celebrating fashion. The eyewear reflects Nina Ricci's ready-to-wear: feminine, charming, irresistible, delicious, elegant but without extravagance.



Blending contemporary elegance with understated luxury, Oroton remains one of the most talked about brands in Australian fashion. Made up of the words, “oro” meaning gold in Latin and “ton” to imply a tonne of gold or fortune, Oroton strives to create innovative and beautiful designs with a focus on relaxed luxury and timeless style. Perfect for those that desire style, elegance and quality, the Oroton collection has the answer for every occasion.



Practically nothing can have such a great affect on your appearance as your spectacles. You can emphasise your personality when you choose the colour, material, shape and size of the frame. The new collection from Rodenstock stands for one thing above all: a compliment to the personality. The Rodenstock collection will make a statement on your attitude to life, on your style and on your personal taste.



Serengeti is the worlds finest driving sunglass. Utilising patented lens technology engineered into the glass, Serengeti eyewear delivers an exceptional level of comfort and clarity. Serengeti eyewear is known for its sophisticated, understated beauty that never goes out of style.


Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang's products are renowned for combining tradition Chinese design and motifs with tongue-in-cheek humour and a contemporary sensibility – resulting in a vibrant and witty fusion of “East meets West”. Good fortune and auspicious thoughts are central to all aspects of Chinese life and culture and the Optical and Sunglass collection incorporates eye-catching Chinese motifs with vibrant colours integrated in each design. Shanghai Tang is now considered to be the first and foremost Chinese Luxury Brand.


Trent Nathan

As one of the country's leading fashion minimalists, Trent Nathan's design integrity lies in its ability to produce modern, classic collections tailored to the Australian aesthetic and lifestyle needs. The brand is synonymous with luxurious, beautiful designs for men and women that are both modern and timeless. An astute, sophisticated use of quality materials and seasonal hues highlights Trent Nathan's signature palette of black, red, navy and camel.


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