In 2013, a Vision 2020 Australia national study found that nearly 2/3 of Australians feared going blind over losing a limb or having a heart attack. Ninety percent of Australians valued their eyesight above any other sense, and yet about a quarter of Australians had not had their eyes tested in the past 2 years.Many people take their sight for granted, and often people only think to visit the optometrist when they are having problems with their vision. However, some ocular health conditions are not symptomatic in the early stages, and by the time they have progressed to a point where it is affecting daily life, some irreversible damage may already have occurred. This is why regular eye examinations, recommended at least every 2 years, are so important for early diagnosis and prevention of damage to your eyes.

At Specialeyes, we value your eye health and we offer extended consultation times to ensure you get the thorough care you need and deserve.

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